Best fruits for diabetics

Kiwi fruits:-

kiwi fruits is one among   the foremost nutritious fruit with low glycemic index ranges 47 to 58. It is high in a fiber and low in a carbohydrate. Which aids in controlling blood glucose level and lowering cholesterol.

It is a good source of many essential vitamin C, vitamin E, fiber, potassium, folates and high amounts of beta-carotene that offer protection from kiwi also contains inositol which is an enzyme control therefore including kiwifruits into your diabetes diets is definitely a great way to helps regulate your blood sugar levels and energy levels.


pears are one of the best fruit choice for people who have type 2 diabetes because pears are rich in fiber and low in carbohydrate and calories and have rating of 38 on the glycaemic index.

One medium size pears contains 6g of fiber and just 100 calories and only 26 grams of carbohydrate balancing carbohydrate with fiber rich fruits like pears decreases the rate of absorption of glucose so your blood sugar won’t spikes as dramatically sweet taste of pears help diabetes in calming their hunger for seets food without sacrificing control over their disease therefore whenever you crave for something sweet you can eat a small or medium sized pears.


oranges are a well liked fruit due to their natural sweetness and various health benefits. They are low in calories and rich in fiber, vitamins C, and potassium despite their sugar content oranges have a coffee glycaemic index starting from 31 to 51.

The low glycaemic index is explained by the facts that oranges are rich in polyphenols and fiber which moderate this rise in blood glucose . Therefore includes oranges in your daily diet will not only calm your carving for sweet taste but also keep your diabetes and blood sugar level under


strawberries are considered as one of the best superfoods for a diabetes meal plan because of its vitamin, antioxidant, dietary fiber, and lower sugar content.

Several studies show that eating straw in quantities of at least 2,3 servings per week can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Strawberries are high in vitamin C and fiber and low glycaemic index to.

When you eat strawberries they assist  you to feel full for extended time. Keep your blood glucose level  steady and increase your energy state . All this makes strawberries a great fruit choice for diabetes.

Grape fruit:-

Grape fruit is one of the nutritious fruit choice for diabetes because it is high in soluble fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and low in calories and has a low glycaemic index at 25.

It also contain flavonoid naringenin that helps diabetes to increase the bodys sensitivity to insulin and helps in losing extra fat from the body and maintain a healthy weight which is a vital part of diabetes treatment.

Therefore diabetes are recommended to include grape fruit in their daily diet plan as eating half of a large grapefruit on daily basis can manage blood sugar level efficiently.


Guava is very  nutritious fruit choice for diabetes patient because its really high amount of lycopene dietary fiber and also rich in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and magnesium its fruit and tea of its leaves both are beneficial for diabetes patient as many research confirm that eating guava fruits without its skin can reduce the sugar absorption in your blood.

Being rich in dietary fiber it helps ease constipation and may even lower the prospect of developing type two diabetes. Potassium found in guava helps regulate vital sign. An article in the journal nutrition & metabolism found that compounds in guava leaf tea inhabit absorption of certain types of sugar so that levels don’t spike after meals.

In one study people drank guava tea after eating polished rice that they had far less of a glucose rise than people that drank predicaments. There fore to stay sugar in check attempt to eat whole or sliced guava without the peel daily.

Black plums:-

black plums also known as jambul or jamun is the miracle fruit for diabetics. It has low glycaemic index which keeps the blood sugar level normal.

Soluble fiber in plums helps the stomach to empty at a slower rate which affects blood sugar level and has a beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity.

The fruit helps to convert starch into energy and keep your blood sugar level in check. It can also cure symptoms of diabetes including excess urination and thirst. The extract of bark, seeds, and leave are too beneficial in the treatment of the diabetes


Avocado are low in carbohydrates which means they have little effect on blood sugar levels and rich in fiber, fats and calories. The fat mostly found in avocado are monounsaturated fats the heart beat healthy kind that can keep your blood cholesterol levels under control and improve heart health withvso few carbohydrates, a high fiber content and health fat.

People with diabetes can enjoy an avocado carefully without the strain of raising their blood glucose. One medium sized avocado daily is good for diabetes.


cherries have a lowest glycaemic index at 22 and don’t causes spikes in blood sugar levels. This makes cherries as one of the best fruit choice for diabetes. It also contain chemicals the boost insulin which helps control blood sugar levels.

The chemicals are called anthocyanin. They occur naturally in cherries giving them their bright red colours.

Anthocyanin are known to help lower blood sugar by increase insulin production by up to 50 percent. They also help fight heart disease, cancer and other disease that are common among diabetes.


Apples are superb fruit to incorporate in your diet if you’ve got diabetes. The flesh and skin of apples are high in soluble fiber, vitamin c and other antioxidant.

Fiber hamper  digestion and absorption of carbs causing them to not spikes your blood glucose rapidly. A person feels fuller after eating an apple thanks to the mixture  of fiber, water and nutrients.

The glycaemic index measures how rapidly carbohydrate in a food spikes your blood sugar levels, and apples scores relatively low on glycaemic index ranges from 30 to 50. All this makes favourite for people that suffer from diabetes.

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